"Let’s put our farmers first while planning for the future of North Carolina Agriculture"

— Donovan Alexander Watson

Donovan Alexander Watson

As a proud North Carolina farmer, Donovan knows that North Carolina agriculture has a sturdy foundation and immense potential. But fewer of North Carolina’s youth are choosing agriculture, our changing climate is harming our crops, and multigenerational family farms are increasingly difficult to operate. Donovan believes that we need proactive and forward-thinking solutions to these problems.

Focusing On Our Most Important Needs

Maintain and increase the number of North Carolina farms

From Murphy to Manteo, each region of North Carolina has world-class agricultural products. The state government must be proactive about helping our small and mid-sized farm owners be productive and profitable.

Collaborate with our state’s great agricultural research institutions

One of North Carolina’s strongest assets is our great universities. We need leaders to bring farmers, researchers, and government leaders together to make our agricultural industry a leader in innovation across all of the south.

Expand agricultural opportunity

Our state has a rich tradition of great farmers. We need to expand opportunities for our youth and foster a diverse and talented group of farmers for the future.